!nternet of PRODUCTS >>>

WINE & GOURMET-Internet of>

NFC tags allow users to Access to new marketing experiences. Greater interactivity that also allows to collect data on product-user interactivity and make content changes remotely.. and in REAL TIME!


ART & DESIGN-Internet of>

Denomination of Origin and Unique Processes>>Demonstrate the True VALUE of your unique and unrivaled products. Use unique identification codes and make material to document your processes and raw materials.

METAL PIECES -Internet of>

For metal products. Without INTERFERENCE>> For METAL PIECES, as in the Metalworking industry. There are NFC tags for these parts to respond to highly technical requirements. Directed to professionals in various specialized industries.

PACKAGING -Internet of>

Specialized and interactive information for users>> Avoid a big expense in manuals and put important information for users in a much more interactive way.